Friday, January 1, 2016

The Science of Bubbles: A Documentary

We just watched a really neat documentary on Amazon Prime  titled The Science of Bubbles. So if you have Amazon Prime this is a must watch with the kiddos. It covers Science, Chemistry, Physics, and a little History at times too. While watching it, I was thinking of so many Fun Schooling experiments and Copy work exercises and all types of things to pull just from watching this documentary... and you can use it with the Journal to fulfill a documentary/video lesson page :)

Here is the Description from the film : To most people, bubbles are just toys that children play with... but they're so much more! They are amazingly powerful tools that are pushing back the boundaries of technology. These tiny marvels of physics may hold the key to many scientific problems.

 I found a few great resources to utilize to put together some fun activities, experiments, copy work tools, etc.

(1). Learn About Bubbles - This website covers tons of information such as what are bubbles, what causes colors in bubbles and has a link to a bubble blowing worksheet for ideas of common objects to try making bubbles with.

(2).  Learn How Bubbles Work!unveils the secret behind how these fascinating transparent balls work...

(3). Bubble-ology : This site has tons of useful information and experiment included and questionnaire as well :)

So those are just a few great sites I located that I plan to use alongside the documentary with my girls. You can Google the Science of Bubbles and that will give you more useful information and wonderful ideas. Feel free to Comment and Share any others you find . Or if you decide to watch the documentary, let me know what you thought of it.

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