Saturday, January 16, 2016

Jiffy Baking Mixes and Home Economics

We recently contacted the Jiffy Company inquiring about their company and leaving a comment about how much we love their products. My girls are just now learning to bake and cook and Jiffy mixes are perfect for teaching them how to follow directions of a recipe and they are quick and easy to make. Plus they taste great too. So a week or so later we received a nice letter in the mail detailing how the mixes are made and how the company got it's name followed by a package of not 1 but a variety of 6 Jiffy mixes !


The girls were super excited and ready to bake them all up in one day, LOL. So tonight we are going to bake up a tasty Jiffy treat for dessert. (photos to follow in a separate post perhaps?) The girls are reading up on the history of Jiffy mixes and plan to take the virtual tour of the company this weekend. 

How is that for a super fun homeschool lesson?


  1. Wow, I've never thought to contact companies like this. This is an awesome way to teach kids how to write letters and how to inquire information from businesses. We may "steal" this idea, and we love Jiffy Cornbread in our house.

    1. Definitely ! You should have the kids write them an email or letter. I was surprised they sent the box of mixes to the girls. It was a nice treat. And the girls are using them to learn to cook and bake.