Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume 1: Zoology, A Review

We were in the market for a New Science curriculum to start off the New Year and so I reached out to Elemental Science and inquired about their Sassafras Science Adventures series. 

I received a wonderful set of books in the mail : The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume 1: Zoology (for Grades K-5th) and is accompanying Guide to Zoology and SCIDAT Logbook. Right now, my girls are really big in to various branches of Science. They are wanting to learn Chemistry, Astronomy, Botany, Anatomy, Geology and of course, Zoology. So I reached out to the company and was sent the books to review. And let me just say, this book does not disappoint. I like to read and review texts prior to lessons for planning purposes for my girls. I found my self deep in to Chapter 6 shortly after receiving the books in the mail ! :) The main book is not set up like your normal text book. The book reads like a "story book" . Each chapter features a new set of characters, adventures and tales. The goal of the book is to read the story and pick out the pertinent information on each animal featured in that adventure and "log" it in to the SCIDAT Logbook. Since receiving just one copy of the SCIDAT Logbook , which SCIDAT is short for Science Data, I ordered a second copy so that both girls would have their own Logbook. The Logbook is used for logging in all of the useful information found while reading the chapters such as classification, animal descriptions, habitat information, etc. There are also blank pages for logging in reading notes. So of course, both girls need their own SCIDAT Log book.

The Sassafras Guide to Zoology is filled with tons of useful information. Each chapter is summarized and complimentary library books are suggested for each chapter. There are also labs and activities suggested for each chapter. I also like that the Guide book also details a weekly planner for each chapter.

 If you are in the market for a new Science curriculum for your kids, I highly recommend  The Sassafras Science Adventures. Check out the main website, Elemental Science
for a look at all of their curriculum choices. They offer a wide variety of curriculum options for Preschool, Elementary, Middle and High School. The subjects range from Chemistry, Earth Science, Zoology, Physics and more. Sassfras Science Adventures offers different Volumes : Zoology, Anatomy, Botany and Earth Science. I look forward to checking out the other Volumes for my girls after we finish with Zoology and as fantastic as Zoology is, I do not think that it will take us very long at all to finish it up.

Thank you Elemental Science for offering my family your awesome Zoology book set. I look forward to checking out more of  the Sassafras Science Adventures in the very NEAR future.

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