Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Recipes Page ....

If you look over to the left margin, I have added links to a few NEW and upcoming pages. I have added links for Reviews, Recipes and Kids in the Kitchen. Up until now, I have just been mixing these posts in with everything else and so I hope to have separate pages for important posts in the very near future. Now, only one of my pages has anything on them and that is the RECIPES page. There you will find some really super yummy suggestions for slow cooker breakfast ideas. I saw another homeschool blog and she had similar posts for breakfast slow cooker recipes so I searched for a few that I thought looked yummy and that were sizable to my family and their tastes and posted them there. I am hoping these recipes will fill the crock pot with yumminess and leftovers too. That way the kiddos will have snack choices or lunch already prepared. Or maybe even dessert for later to heat up. Yumm-O ! So pop on over to the RECIPES page. Tomorrow the girls and I are going grocery shopping and will grab a few ingredients and decide which of those crock pot yummies we want to make for Wednesday's and Thursday's breakfast. If I know my girls, they are going to choose the Tater Tot Casserole. LOL. Anything to stray away from Oatmeal. ha ha.  And being that it's easy to throw ingredients in the crock pot, the girls should have no trouble helping to follow the recipe and assisting in the kitchen tomorrow evening. :) (Score for Mom and homeschool home ec :)  and Kids in the Kitchen post). So stay tuned for our Kids in the Kitchen posts and Reviews of the Recipes.

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