Curriculum 2015-2016

We are currently using the following curriculum with the girls: 

If you notice, a  lot of the books we have chosen to use this new year are by the very talented and creative Sarah Janisse Brown and her family. Her books do not disappoint . I came across her books by accident and decided to order the Winter Journal for my girls.  The girls began using them Thanksgiving week 2015. And our homeschool experience has changed for the better. Her books have brought life back in to our homeschooling experience, allowing the girls to focus their studies on what they are interested in and how they choose to learn. I am so thankful for Sarah and her wonderful books and look forward to utilizing more and more of her books.

  •  Winter Homeschooling Journal 

    by Sarah Janisse Brown, this book is utilized along with the girls' library books, up to 8 books of their choice that they want to learn about at that time. 

  • December/January Library Books:

These are the books the girls chose for December/January from the library. Once they have finished these books, they can check out more on other subjects. 

  • Math and Spelling:

    the Do It Yourself Multiplication Games Journal and Do It Yourself Spelling Time Journal ( both also by Sarah Janisse Brown) which the girls share. I have them do 2 pages each per day. 

  • Cursive Writing Practice: 

    The girls are using 2 different books a few times each week. (you can find these both on Amazon - Jokes and Handwriting)


  • Paragraph Writing: 

    I use these 2 books in addition to weekly writing prompt assignments posted to MobyMax. There, the girls are responsible for submitting a writing assignment due every Sunday.The workbooks can be purchased on Amazon.

  •  Foreign Language Studies: 



Emily chose to study French and Ella has chosen Japanese.  We just got these, so I plan to have the girls use them several times per week. If you purchase them on Amazon, you can get them cheaper buying them used.


  • Science:

    Elemental Science's - Sassafras Science Adventures Volume 1: Zoology (for Grades K-5th) and is accompanying Guide to Zoology and SCIDAT Logbook.  You can read about my blog review here.

  • Moby Max:

    And then We use an online all-in-one inclusive curriculum called MobyMax. The girls use it for Math, Science, Vocabulary, Language Arts/Writing. It is free to use and the girls like it. The girls login everyday and use MobyMax as their main curriculum. 


  • History: 

    We are about to study Women in History by reading various books about  Women throughout the course of history up until the present year. 

  • Home Economics: 

    The girls are about to learn to Cook. We are going to use a Curriculum by Sue Gregg (K-Adult Home School Curriculum) as well as Jiffy  Mix  mixes and easy cooking recipes that the girls find on the internet through interest and research that also goes along with our studies. The girls will also record meal planning as well as copy recipes they find that they like in to their Winter Journals. Read more about our recent contact with the Jiffy mix company on our blog.

  • Art Education: 

    We have chosen to use Teach Yourself to Draw (Series 1 and 3) by Sarah Janisse Brown.  . (Description taken from Amazon) "First they will begin by matching the pencil strokes and detail work found in these high quality drawings. Next, by tracing the image and filling in what is missing from the professional drawing the students will naturally advance in their abilities. After this the student will complete a more complex drawing puzzle and complete the process by doing their own realistic drawing." 


    Teach Yourself to Draw Series 1

    by Sarah Janisse Brown

     Teach Yourself to Draw Series 3

    by Sarah Janisse Brown  



  •  Educational Links:


  1. It looks like a fun - full year. I love the handwriting books. I'll have to look at those. Especially the Jokes and Riddles one.

  2. We have the jokes and riddles cursive book too. I love seeing what other families use and this post has given me a few good ideas-- I love your foreign language books and the paragraph writing books!

  3. My son would love the jokes and riddles Cursive book, and I'm going to order the French in 10 minutes for my oldest. She was wanting to learn French! Great choices. We do love the Thinking Tree!