Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Okay, So YEP, Its Been Since Thanksgiving SInce my Last Post, LOL

It's NOW August.... And we have been doing lots of De-Schooling activities and Homeschooling and other such activities that I plan to update this little blog with photos, this that and the other. I need to get it all together. I have been having issues with migraine headaches and the meds that I am on make me tired and so I tend to forget about coming and posting and keeping up with this blog so I vow from here on out to keep up with the blog and what we are doing.

I have filled my Pinterest board with soooo many Pins lately and have uploaded so many Free PDF files on my hard drive that I think I need a new hard drive now. The resources that are out there are UNLIMITED !! It's nuts. NUTS I tell you. I don't see why people pay for curriculum when you can basically get it all for FREE on the internet or for pennies basically (if you find the right sale) online, book sales, used curriculum sales, etc  So with that said, I am in the planning phase for this week's lessons.... lessons which will include a late night meteor shower viewing... if we can make it, which I am sure as we seem to be on the late night train anyways.

The Perseid Meteor Shower .. I have a small Pinterest board going, you can view it here. It can be visible a few days prior, but August 11th - 13th are prime viewing days and between the hours of 1am and just before dawn or 430am. So find a nice dark field, away from artificial lights of the city, and set up with lawn chairs, a nice beverage, blankets if its cool and start your viewing. It can take about 20 minutes for your eyes to become accustomed to the dark so be patient. And you can be there for about an hour. So little ones can become impatient as well. So you may want to bring a flashlight or something for the littles to do if they are with you. But it should bring about some good viewing and something to talk about prior to or afterwards as far as a nice lesson plan is concerned :)... Life, something always a nice lesson in the midst, and for free.

So I am hoping me and my 2 lovelies and hubby will be up for it, weather permitting, and we find a nice field or quiet area away from the city lights , near home that we can view the Perseid Meteor shower. I know the girls are excited to atleast try to view it. I know I am. So hopefully we can view it...

Meteor Shower Posting to be Continued....

  • Plans for Thursday... 
  1. lesson planning, 
  2. trip to the Mobile Museum of Art (Free on Thursdays)
  3. laundry
  4. dishes
  5. sleep
  6. perhaps an early morning walk
  7. swim at the YMCA with the girls
  8. maybe some sewing.
Mobile Museum of Art Kids Art in the Afternoon- Aug 8, 3:00 - 6:00 pm Kids Art activity: Inside Expression - Join The Azalea City Quilters exploring textiles and patterns in the afternoon.

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