Saturday, August 10, 2013

Catching up on This week's Adventures...Releasing Sonic the Turtle Back into the Wild....

Despite My daily migraines, fibromyalgia pains and all the other daily stresses of life we managed to make it over to the Asian Gardens to release the little turtle we found in our front yard. He/She is so cute. And from the size of it, I am guessing it;s no more than 2-3 years old. Little guy it is. (For the turtle's sake, we named it Sonic LOL). So we decided Sonic needed a safer environment to rome about as we have no idea where he came from and I am sure Sonic will get run over in our neighborhood and so we decided to take him/her over to the Asian Gardens. ...

(The Girls Carrying the Cooler we had Sonic in to transport him to the gardens for release -no lid-as you can see, while in transport-he was ready to go and starting climbing the side of the cooler-now we see how he was getting out of the cooler when he was inside our house--we found him walking down the hallway -LOL)

Now, the Asian Gardens is a neat little place...It is fully equipped with a small walking path, 3 ponds filled with koi fish and other small fish, tadpoles and of course, turtles. We found a nice shaded area just at the beginning of the path from the steps where it;s nice and shaded and the water was clear and cool and we put Sonic there on the grass and off he/she scooted and Plop!, into the water Sonic went.

We watched Sonic swim about for a bit, little minnow type fish swarming about , checking out their new neighbor, nibbling at his feet and then swimming away. He then found a nice little shaded grassy area to hide underneath and then poked his little head out, then turned around and swam a bit more towards us, turned around, and poked his head under the grass and it was if he was home. So he found his place. I hope that he is happy there, lives a long happy life there and he/she grows up healthy and like my girls stated, starts a family and has turtle babies of his own one day. I think , if I remember correctly , that his eyes were a light golden brownish yellow, so need to check to see what that meant,... I know we took care of an injured turtle in the past, actually 2 of them this past year.... and I forget what it meant, but you can determine the sex of the turtle by their eye color. So we have had one with red eyes before. hmmm, will look in to that.

(Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming !)

We wish you Many Happy Healthy Years Sonic the Turtle ! We will come visit you often to feed you and your Turtle buddies and fish buddies oh and the Geese and Ducks too.

Until Next Time,
Happy Homeschooling!
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