Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving !
It's been a while since I posted. My intentions were to post, happenings, cool homeschool resources I find, etc but being this is our first year doing takes alot of time and planning, etc and so I failed to hop on here regularly to post.

So starting next week, my goal is to post an update atleast 1x a week :)

The girls have been doing independant work this past week. I printed out Thanksgiving themed worksheets centered around Thanksgiving and some of the sheets are word search, vocabulary, crossword puzzles... and then I threw in a few coloring pages and math sheets with a Thanksgiving theme (clip art) on the page. So the girls have really enjoyed it. It was a way to give them themed work to do centered around the holiday but also a task of my trying to see if this technique works with the girls, either one of them or both of them. I wanted to see who took to independant work the best and benefited from it and who, if anyone, did not respond well to this type of work at all.

And both girls did very well with independant work and studies. So I plan to move forward with putting together independant work folders for both girls and add in handouts, etc centered around the current month, holiday(s), events, and lessons we are working on. That way if we are out and about or whatever the reason, the girls can grab their folders and do work on their own.

So Im happy that it worked. Emily even asked me to print out more sheets and she looks forward to the Christmas themed ones. :)

So I am on the search for Christmas themed activity pages, handouts, lessons, and anything I can find.

Off to go take a nap !

Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday

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