Saturday, October 22, 2016

Buttons and Board Games?

What do these two items have in common .... Buttons and Board Games? Well first off, what sort of buttons come to mind when you think of buttons? Just your plain old flat 2 or 4 eye button found on your shirt in various colors right? Well, lets think of Buttons in a different light... telephones, flowers, animals, tea cups, oh my ! Yes ! Buttons in character and Novelty shapes are what I am referring to for the sake of this blog post.

So I got to thinking about buttons and board games and how the two could work together, mesh and inter-mingle and I came up with a brilliant idea. My girls are needing a creative way to incorporate  writing in to our home school. So I thought I would pick up some novelty buttons (not an easy feat mind you to find them cheaply in the numbers I wanted) , create a drawstring cloth bag from my sewing stash and a set of fun rules and VOILA ! We have a homemade home school creative writing game.

I took to Etsy for my search for the buttons and here is what I have come up with ... 3 different sets of 50 buttons for a total of 150 buttons to start with.

Now for the tentative rules ! I would like to incorporate one dice which you would roll to see who goes first. That player then rolls the dice 2x pulling that number of buttons (needing at least 5 buttons  minimum)  from the bag, without looking. The player must then be creative  as possible and tell a story using the buttons they pulled. They can write it or tell it. But they must use each button pulled from the bag.

Our buttons are on their way and we will play the game and tweak it and then I will rewrite then in a pdf to share here. So how does it sound so far? Any suggestions?

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