Thursday, February 4, 2016

Physics Kit Freebie for Homeschoolers

I found a really awesome Physics FREEBIE geared towards Middle School aged grades today. It's from Physical Central and every year they offer kits to schools and homeschoolers it looks like. All you have to do is go to their website and fill out the form. Be sure to put the grade level you need and check homeschool and you are done ! I do not know how long it takes to receive the kit as this is our first experience with the kit but I hear they are awesome. They also offer lots of great information on their website along the lines of Physics experiments you can do at home. I see the girls and I doing many of these together in the near future. I also found a link to their comic and coloring/activity books too and these are offered as free downloads in the form of PDFs. You can find those here

Physics Quest uses a comic book style story to teach, with an ongoing story line. This year's story focuses on :

" With Miss Alignment in jail, Lucy’s friends assume things have gone back to normal, but they would be wrong. Taking advantage of the now-abandoned Con Cave and a trusting town are twins Andy and Cat Terminal. They aren’t your ordinary shysters, though — they have sub-atomic superpowers! Your students can help Spectra and her crew stop to the Terminal Twins from negatively affecting the town. As students help Spectra defeat the Twins, they will learn about current, circuits, motors, and colors."

So go sign up and order your FREE kit.  Let me know when you get your kit and how it turns out. When we get ours we will post here, of course. :) 

Happy Learning !!

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