Thursday, February 4, 2016

February 6 is Take Your Child to the Library Day

Did you know February 6th is Take Your Child to the Library Day? I had no idea that there was a designated day for this. What an awesome surprise. I had planned to take my girls to the library this week so that they could change out their books for their Fun Schooling Journals but I suppose we will wait until Saturday morning. And if we wait until Saturday morning, the girls can attend Sew & Tell class and sew a Puffy Heart pillow just in time for Valentine's day. Yay ! They haven't been to sewing class in a while, so what an opportune time to go, than on Take Your Child to the Library Day ? 

There is even an official Facebook page for this event, so check your local library for special events scheduled for this upcoming Saturday in your area. You never know what exciting adventures may await you. And don't forget to share , share, share on your own blogs and Facebook pages with your Family and Friends. Literacy is the Best, Free Gift you can give and Share with anyone.

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