Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Day !! Tuesday AND Wednesday ?

It doesn't happen too often here on the Gulf Coast so when it does everything and I mean EVERYTHING  shuts down. Stores, roads, services, schools... you name it... it's closed. But when you home school, then that's a different story. LOL We just took a Snow Day on Friday I think it was. I let the girls have the day off. No snow though, only sleet, freezing rain and really cold temperatures. But close enough. So we spent the day in our PJ's, cuddled in our blankets, watching Netflix or playing Minecraft. 
Today, however, I have a few activities planned for the girls
  1. Cave Art Paintings on Brown paper bags - an art activity to finish chapter 1 Story of the World
  2. Read Chapter 2 Story of the World
  3. Visit Discovery Kids - Play the Mummy Maker game
  4. Wrap a Mummy Project
  5. Work on Birthday gifts and for Papa
  6. Math
  7. Science-Cells
  8. Geography
  9. Art History
So school work will continue as planned except instead of extending the History lesson out throughout the week, I am going to utilize the 2 days that the girls will be stuck inside due to it being too cold to go out and play and let them do more hands on arts/crafts activities. They love it when we do the project portion of lessons and so it will give them lots to do, and break periods as well so they can do bits and pieces here and there , at their own pace.

I can't wait to see how all of these projects turn out. But we are also really excited to see if we actually get SNOW !! and how much we get when and if we do get it. So keeping our fingers crossed, wishing for a winter wonderland, at least for a moment.

Now go learn something and stay warm !

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