Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Home School Giveaways I have won....(yes a few, 5 to be exact !) Part 1

     Fall is here... well almost. And Living here on the Gulf Coast as soon as the temps get below the 85 mark fall is finally here ! And this past week the weather has been marvelous. So lots has been going on lately. We have had lots and lots of activities on our calender and I have yet again avoided blogging. (so hard to keep up with, I have no idea how some of you do it, I commend you all for your many, many blog posts). We have been to the museum repeatedly, the library, joined the home school girls only tween/teen club, joined the home school mine craft club, attended the home school board game club, won a few home school giveaways (yes a few, 5 to be exact !) and joined in with the recent Family Time Fitness 90 Day Family Weight Loss Challenge. So Lots on our plates along with our daily lives, home schooling and what ever else we have to add to our calenders. :) So I have lots and lots of photos happenings to share so where do I start ??? I know... Let's start with the giveaways... that's always exciting.

Giveaways I have won
     I do not consider myself a lucky person when it comes to winning anything, if I did, I would drive across the state line over to Pensacola, FL.,  it's about an hour's drive East from here, and purchase a lottery ticket and then we would be living the high life. Or in the words of the great George Jefferson we'd be "moving on up... to the East side". LOL.

     First up, (In August) I won a cute fold-able lap desk from HearthSong Foldable Lap Desks sponsored by Becky over at This Reading Mama  .The girls love it and have gotten so much use out of it. Especially Ella. She loves to use it when she's drawing. She likes to watch You Tube cartoons and sketch them. And Emily likes to put the lap top on it, on the bed and multitask. So it has come in pretty handy. It's super light weight, opens up with a compartment to store supplies and perhaps a few small texts/workbooks and papers. And it's portable, so you can take it along with you . We have yet to take it with us any where, but I am sure we will one of these days.

     Next up (September 3), I was reading through my emails and and I come across my email from The Homemaker's Mentor asking for short testimonial on what you think of The Homemaker's Mentor lessons you've received from them so far and how a collection of Homemaker's Mentor lessons like this would
be an encouragement to you. So in celebration of their upcoming new release of their Limited Edition CD , they decided to give FIVE copies of their CD away. So I was one of those lucky 5 !

     The CD just arrived last week and it has tons of lessons on it. You can take a peak of what's on the CD here
It will surely come in handy for home-ec lessons and just basic recipe needs and everyday household tips. I simply love it.

    3 more to go.... I will make this a 2 part post... so yep, there's 3 more to go. 2 that are really big ones.
So stay tuned....

     Now go learn something ... unless you are up late like I am.... Go to bed sleepy head.

(I am in no way affiliated with HearthSong, The Homemaker's Mentor or This Reading Mama. I am just blogging and keeping record of my homeschooling adventures with my 2 daughters as we go through our daily lives and wanted to share our recent and very exciting homeschool giveaway winnings all while giving credit where credit is due)

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