Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sandpaper T-Shirt Art

Tonight the girls and I tried out a Pin from one of my Pinterest Boards. Sand Paper T-Shirt Art.
Don't you just love Pinterest?
I have a gazillion pins (well, not a gazillion, but it feels like it) that I am just dying to try out. 
You can Click here to go check out my Pinterest Boards. I have a ton of awesome Home School materials saved there.

The girls and I had a great time drawing on the sand paper, watching the design appear on the t-shirts. It was super fun and didn't take that long at all to do. 

So if you are looking for a fun, in expensive Arts and Crafts project, I highly recommend this one. It's super fun for all ages. The kids can be creative and come up with their own designs. I recommend parental assistance with going over their designs once they are finished so that you can get the lines as dark as possible for a good transfer. And if you are going to use any type of lettering, be sure to do them backwards... Trust me. LOL. Emily wrote out I <3 NY on a smaller piece of sand paper as she wanted that on a sleeve not thinking, we put it on the sleeve, ironed it on and it was BACKWARDS. LOL. I should've known it was going to happen. But we easily fixed it with kitty foot prints, keeping the heart and turning the I into an E for her first Initial. So no problem ! Problem solved.! LOL.

The girls are discussing all the possibilities and designs and colors of t-shirts and using Hobby Lobby coupons to get more t-shirts. So I'm sure you will see more or similar projects in the near future. Time to search Pinterest for more t-shirt art projects :)

Happy Saturday !
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Jennifer <3

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