Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Term 1 Completed ! and I found New curriculum ...

Wow ! I can not believe that 6 weeks has come and gone by so quickly ! We started our first term on July 1st and now we are on break number 1. As you know or may not know, we are homeschooling year round this year with 6 weeks on 1 week off blocks, the entire months of December and June we are taking off. And though this term was a bit rocky to start, it ended quite well. The girls will be finishing up a few things when we return from break next week and finish out the month and then starting September we are starting fresh with  an entire new curriculum.

I recently came across a feed on Facebook about BYL and ad no idea what people were referring to. So I delved into it further and found out BYL stands for Build Your Library curriculum.  I picked up both grades 6 and 7 and started picking up books for both, joined several of their Facebook groups but then thought about it and after the suggestion of some fellow BYL moms decided to start both girls with BYL 6. I thought that it would be best to give both girls the history background this year and then go in to the geography next year.  So what is BYL you ask ?  Here is a brief description taken from the BYL  website :

       "Have you been looking for a literature based homeschool curriculum that is secular? How about a way to incorporate narration, copywork, dictation and memory work into your child’s education? Or art study that ties into history? What about a secular science that is mostly literature based in the elementary years? Well, you have come to the right place! Welcome to Build Your Library Curriculum!"

So we are super excited to start BYL. We are changing the science though and will be using Sassafras Science-Anatomy, and we will be complementing our studies with a writing program by Susan Bauer-Writing with Skill.  And for Social Studies we have decided to change it up and go with Social Studies through Art.  The girls will also continue their journaling, spelling, handwriting, occupational education, health and  language arts as before. It will be a lot busier, a bit more work than before but I have confidence that they can do this and will like it more as  they love to read and BYL is literary based.  I will let you know how it goes after we begin.